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What is Medical Hypnoanalysis?

Medical Hypnoanalysis is a specialized method of psychoanalysis and psychotherapy which utilizes hypnosis to bring about a solution to the problem presented by the patient. This therapy is dynamic, short term, and directed.

The Medical Hypnoanalyst will examine the symptoms and then seek to find the root cause of the problem. After the cause has been discovered, treatment usually removes the symptoms.

Is Medical Hypnoanalysis Safe?

Yes, it is very safe when used by a trained professional. Don Hardy-Holley is a Diplomate, Trainer, and is Board Certified by the American Academy of Medical Hypnoanalysts.  He has over 30 years of experience in the field of Hypnosis.  Medical Hypnoanalysis is a specialized method of psychoanalysis and psychotherapy which utilizes hypnosis to bring about a solution to the problem presented by the patient.  It is dynamic, short term, and directed.

Most people can handle many of their problems by using logical thinking.  When logic doesn’t seem to bring about solutions, then the subconscious needs to be accessed for results.  This is a safe method of changing the ideas in the subconscious which have been limiting the patient. For permanent change to occur, it is often necessary for the cause of the problem to be discovered, corrected, and removed.

Marriage and Family Therapy

Even when a marriage appears to be beyond repair, there can be hope for reviving it.  Marriage (or couple) Counseling is an investment in the very important institution of the family. Whether the motivation is the children or some other factor, couples and families can and do heal from the wounds of discord.

Anne and Don often work together to help couples find a way to mend their relationships and live together in harmony.  Don has been in private practice in San Antonio since 1986.  He and Anne were married in 1973.  They bring their personal as well as professional knowledge of marriage to the counseling setting. Marriage Counseling with them is often directive, not passive. Anne and Don believe people are looking for direction and experienced therapists can point the way.

The first session with a couple is usually two hours. Each person spends time alone with the therapist to give his or her history and perspective of the relationship.  At the end of the two hours, the couple and the therapist meet again to formulate the plan of action.  Sessions after the first are usually one hour.  For fees, click on Financial Policies or call us a 210-690-4144.

Individual Psychotherapy

There are a many approaches to psychotherapy. The approach should be dependent upon the person seeking therapy, the individual problem(s), and the training of the therapist. A good therapist/client (or patient) relationship is a partnership for the purpose of helping the client reach the goals agreed upon.
Don and Anne Hardy-Holley have had training in many approaches and attempt to use the approach that best suits the individual seeking assistance.

Anne specializes in Women’s Issues, so works primarily with women. This work is done individually and in group. Her Ph.D. is in Adult Education, so one might guess she uses an educational approach with women.  However, her strength is her enthusiasm for the worth and potential of the individual.

Don specializes in Hypnoanalysis (please see the page on Medical Hypnoanalysis)  He uses this approach to help clients reach their goals as quickly as possible. This subconscious work is not mysterious, but it takes a skilled practitioner to guide an individual using this process. Other approaches are also used as needed, depending on the specific situation.