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Hardy-Holley Team provides support through family separation from divorce consultation, to custody evaluations, we are here every step of the way to help make this process as peaceful and health as possible.

Divorce Consultation

When divorce is a certainty, consultation is available to examine the effects of divorce on children and their families.  The examination of alternatives and options for custody and visitation can be pursued in a non-judgmetal atmosphere.  This can be done in cooperation with the attorneys involved.

Collaborative Divorce

The collaborative divorce process has many benefits, including lower cost, confidentiality, flexibility, transparency, client control of the process, informality and the ability to tailor a settlement to the individual goals and interests of the parties. With very little involvement with the court, a team of professionals assist in an amicable divorce. The team usually consists of two attorneys (one for each of the spouses), a financial neutral, and a mental health neutral.

Don is trained as a mental health neutral (or Process Facilitator). He assists the team in a smooth resolution, fostering positive communications. This is especially helpful when children are involved. A collaborative divorce allows the parties to maintain cordial relations while effectively co-parenting.

Reunification Counseling and Co-parenting Counseling

Usually after a traditional divorce some parents may be separated, or even alienated from their children. Don works to help the parent and child(ren) to reestablish a positive relationship, including acceptable visitation. Typically, the court will order such counseling, but it can be initiated by the parties involved.  Don has had extensive experience with this process dating back to his work with adolescents in foster care in the 1970’s.

Co-parenting Counseling is similar, but includes mostly the two or more parents or parent-substitutes in the process. This process includes an educational component which helps to re-orient the parents to do the best for the child or children.

Custody Evaluations

A Custody Evaluation helps provide information about a family to assist the Court in reaching a decision which will be in the best interest of the child (children).  This evaluation is an objective assessment of the needs of the children and helps the Court in determining appropriate legal and physical custody and access.

Custody Evaluations are typically assigned by the court or by mutual agreement of the attorneys involved.  In addition to disputed child custody evaluations, Adoption Studies are also provided.

Don Hardy-Holley is willing to travel out-of-state to conduct home visits when necessary.

Partial Credentials Related to Custody Evaluations and Divorce Consultation

In Bexar County, Texas, the Domestic Relations Office (DRO) oversees closely the work of professionals completing Custody Evaluations.  Don Hardy-Holley follows the guidelines defined by the DRO and the elements of a Custody Evaluations as defined in the Family Code of the State of Texas, FAM 107.0514.  His I.D. number is BC#550.  For more information about the DRO, call their office at 210 335-1242.