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“Rapid change. Unpredictability. Turbulence. This is the world in which organizations find themselves in every day.  Developing people in this environment means more than just learning a specific set of skills. Coaching uses informal and formal means to inspire discovery, reflection and persistence in others.” – The Center for Creative Leadership

Being a great leader takes commitment.  Businesses, organizations and most importantly, people benefit immensely from working with an experienced Coach.   Don Hardy-Holley is known by many organization in the San Antonio area for his expertise in developing leaders.  Since 1986, he has been  working with groups and individuals to achieve their best self.  Don continues to work on his own leadership training with the top training companies: The Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) was one of the first to provide “Coaching” to executives in the USA and several other countries.  He is also a Board Certified Coach (BCC) by the Center for Credentialing & Education (CCE) and a staff member of the Center for Executive Assessment (CEA). Besides training and experience as a “Adjunct Faculty” with CCL and CEA.  This experience has been focused on using the strengths of the individuals and groups to improve their productivity and enjoyment of their work.  The work can be done with individuals or groups or both.  Don has had success with people from large companies as well as small, including family businesses in transition.  Numerous things can be done to assist, but below is a brief summary of some of those things.


Because of our extensive training and experience presenting Leadership and Team-Building workshops and coaching, we can administer and interpret a number of useful instruments.Here is a partial list:

  • MBTI Myers Briggs Type Indicator including Step II
  • Strong Interest Inventory
  • FIRO-B
  • California Psychological Inventory
  • Various 360 degree feedback instruments and other relevant instruments used for executive coaching
Some of these instruments are also useful in relationship counseling to help clients see the similarities and differences between people.  Some are also useful in helping to decide direction in life, including professional job decisions.
We can develop for you or your group educational events or a series of events designed to improve the effectiveness of your group.  Although we have presented many lectures through the years, our specialty is a workshop format with emphasis on the practical.  We can custom design these presentations or come in with a more general theme for staff meetings or conventions.
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