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Women tend to complex issues and stresses that need specific treatments.  As wives, mothers, daughters, sisters, aunts, grandmothers, best friends – and then add to that –  single parents, breadwinners, bookkeepers, chief cooks, household managers, taxi drivers, spiritual leaders, gardeners, arbitrators, etc., etc., etc. is it any wonder we have issues?  And when we do, who will listen and provide guidance for maneuvering through the thick and thin of our lives?

That is what a therapist can do…listen, educate, advise, inspire, and support us in our discovery of ourselves.  We often lose sight of the fact that we must take care of ourselves.  If we do not, we cannot be there for anyone else.  We become lost to our true selves and continue to play the roles we assume we must, depleting our energy and wondering what our purpose in life is and in which direction we should go.

The experience, education, and wisdom of a tried and true therapist with the guarantee of confidentiality can be a great asset to a woman seeking answers to her problems.  Solutions offered with compassion  and understanding can lead to choices which bring happiness and peace.

Anne Hardy-Holley has extensive experience dealing with Women’s Issues.  Her Ph.D. dissertation at Texas A&M University related to the subject.  Her interest in helping women is personal as well as professional.